Business Formation Services

Attorney Bruce J. May can help determine the type of business entity you should form.  With assistance from your tax professional we can determine whether a limited liability company or an “S” or “C” type corporation may be suitable for your situation.  If you have multiple owners you must provide for the potential buyout of your partners.  You must also determine how the need for any additional future funding will be handled by the partners.  Carefully drafted agreements will be needed to encompass these potential issues.

Some things to note:

  • Buy-Sell Agreements are crucial if an owner dies in a multi-owned company.  Such an agreement eliminates the ownership passing to the spouse of an owner.  It can also provide for life insurance to fund a buy-out at death.
  • Attorney May can assist you in purchasing or selling a business.
  • Proper state registration and initial business formation documents are the only way to ensure your corporation or limited liability company isolates you from personal liability.