Medicaid Planning

We have been working with elderly clients for over 25 years. By planning now you can help ensure that your children and your property are protected from both unpredictable and inevitable events such as long-term care at a nursing home. Every family has different needs and therefore customized planning is required to meet specific requirements that result from a potential or impending nursing home stay.

We can assist you with developing a plan to help preserve the assets you have worked a lifetime to accumulate. Whether you are many years away from a potential nursing home stay or you, your spouse or your parent is about to or has already entered a nursing home, planning is urgent. We can assist you in not only developing plans to conserve assets but also in the Medicaid application process itself.

We can assist you in exploring the many techniques available such as:

  • the establishment of an irrevocable trust to utilize the five year look-back requirement
  • the preparation of a service contract which will allow a parent to pay a child for the care given to the parent
  • recommendations of techniques for preserving assets of a parent that is already in a nursing home
  • recommendation of marital or homestead exemption benefits
  • offering advice on negotiating the complicated laws pertaining to Medicaid qualification. An extended nursing home stay can devastate a family’s financial wellbeing, and careful planning is necessary to make sure that Medicaid is available when the need arises.